Inner peace and self love is one of those treasures that needs to be experienced

rather than someone explaining it to you or reading it from a book

and maybe this was done on purpose

because to feel at peace inside while the world around you seems in chaos

is almost like a super power

and its something that lies within us and is always there

waiting to manifest itself when we’re ready


A Promise of a Better Future

In order to make room for a better tomorrow

We have to let go of the things that keep us in the past.

The pains and regrets of Yesterday don’t do us any favors

and the promise of a better future just seems far away.

The only thing guaranteed is the moment we have right now,

and the belief that what we’re doing is setting us up for better things to come.

We may not be fortune tellers or prophets,

but with a little bit of faith and taking some small steps,

we’ll eventually turn that promise of a better future into a reality.

For The Love of Music

Music is a language that needs no interpreter

and is inviting and welcoming to all.

Music is so personal that we all react differently to the same song

and each instrument and tone can be interpreted differently and nobody would be wrong.

For the love of Jazz and the Blues

to Rock n Roll and Country

to Hip-Hop and other genres that bring people together.

Music is simply a language that is able to breach the coldest hearts

with some crying tears of joy and other crying tears of sadness.

Music is a precious gift and is special to us all.

Limerick #2

There once was a cat named Pharaoh who wished he could fly

He would gaze at the birds above with sadness and cry

Pharaoh tried everything he could to learn but failed

His bird friends told him to just give up on his fairytale

but Pharaoh isn’t a quitter and swore one day he’ll join them but until then he’ll keep his spirits sky-high

Changes II

Change is the only thing promised to us in this World

and it shows no bias or favors to anybody

whether its our age, health or relationships.

We are all under its influence

whether we know it or not.

It seems as though currently we are in a great period of change

and I can see future generations reading about the things we did today.

I don’t know what tomorrow has in store for us

but what I do know is the power to change and redefine ourselves is in our hands.

We are not weak or powerless

and as strange as things are

and as cheesy as this might sound

We will overcome these challenges and live to tell about it.

Why We Choose to Write

We all have our own reasons for why we choose to write.

Some of us choose to write

to escape, heal, share what’s in our hearts.

I believe writing is the next best thing to time travel

because our writing serves as a memento or time capsule

to where our hearts and minds were at that specific moment.

Whenever I get a chance to read old materials I’ve written.

I feel a mix of emotions ranging from cringe, joy, sadness and laughter.

It feels at times like it was another person who wrote it,

but I guess it serves as a reminder that we all evolve and grow each and everyday.

Regrets and Learning to Let go

Regret is a bitter pill to swallow

and even worse

It refuses to go away and stays hidden in the background

only coming out to the surface when it seems you’ve forgotten about it.

Regret, Anger, Joy and Relief are different colors of our emotional rainbow

and with the ups and downs of life.

We are bound to experience all kinds of emotions,

but we must remember that it is not permanent

and just as quickly as things look dark and bleak,

Here comes the Sun and our moods starts to change again.