In Dorothy’s Name


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There was a woman named Dorothy,

who had a humble beginning

was a child who always strived,

dreamed a dream

which was to be free and  exist in a loving world,

long away from the concrete jungle and demanding streets.

She aspired to reach new heights,

yet held reality in check

Success came but  it was always short,

People came and went

some good and some bad,

but each serving as a lesson

a lesson in what,

and who was the teacher?

Yet she remained firm and true!

Heaven blessed her with a daughter,

and Dorothy became a Mother

and nobody could come in between,

However  Dorothy’s time came

and it was far too short,

only 42 years old and with many dreams yet to fulfill.

Her legacy and beloved soul will always remain,

of a  kind and caring woman with matching heart and grace.


*Dedicated to the one and only  Dorothy Dandridge ( 09/10/1922-08/09/1965)*

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