A leap of faith


A leap of faith

To be a dreamer,

is to suspend everything you’ve ever believed in.

To strip yourself bare,

all the way down to your very core.

Whenever I try to describe this sensation,

I feel all kinds of emotions,

such as shyness, vulnerability and even being scared,

scared because all my flaws and fears are laid out in front of me.

Sacrifices that I have made weighing heavy on my consciousness,

Yet I feel tremendous joy and sincere love when dreaming,

and when I say dreaming,

I do not refer to passive dreaming

but rather seeing a vision so strong, unrestricted and priceless,

that in that moment I am truly free.

Not that I want to escape from society

but rather immerse myself in my own world,

then be looked on as just another cog in society’s wheels.

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