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The words we whisper

that can only be heard,

from the chambers within our hearts,

Words that fill us with joy,

Words that encourage and inspire us

but sometimes along the way,

depending on how we see ourselves

We utter words that saddens us,

words that make us feel insecure

and lack self confidence.

The thing is

if we hate ourselves,

this is a detriment and a tragedy

because if we don’t see ourselves

bathed in self-love and happiness,

who else is going to see that love within us.

The words we use to cry, yell or whimper

the truth is they matter,

they have always mattered,

we don’t have to self-depreciate ourselves

to harm ourselves,

because there are a lot of people out there

hurt and broken,

and we don’t have to join them,

but rather choose to be ourselves

to love ourselves and seek our own understanding.


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