One step at a time

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One step at a time

I hate making promises I can’t keep,

the minute I say it

It feels like a chain being wrapped around my neck

with a tag saying,

‘This won’t be removed till the promise is fulfilled’

and it weighs heavy on my small body,

the longer it stays wrapped around my neck,

the more it’s weight holds me down

till I can barely move!

I think it’s because I fear not fulfilling what I say,

the mark of a man in my eyes,

Is one who honours his words and stands by his conviction.

If a man’s word has no substance, no weight

or conviction behind them,

How can he be reliable I wonder?

But maybe these feelings are simply just hesitation

expressing outdated ideas in a modern world,

where new ideas and expressions are made every day.

Maybe we just all have flaws,

we need to accept and realise

It’s okay to just take it,

one step at a time.

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