Mr Shallow

The pursuit of beauty especially on the surface level

is a mirage that continually makes a fool of us all.

If I say I love you for your beauty,

because there’s none like you

and I see that only on the surface,

then I have cheated both you and myself.

I cheat myself because I was shallow and went for the low hanging fruit.

I cheat you because I failed to see the depths of your true beauty.

A heart so rich and a smile so wide,

                                                   a woman with so much knowledge

and a soul that never ages.

5 thoughts on “Mr Shallow

  1. Manessah B.

    This poem speaks so much truth, Hasan. We do ourselves and the person an injustice when all we can focus on are their outer appearance. We miss out on the truly important parts of them that need to be noticed and appreciated (their heart, mind and soul). Looks fade with time, but the heart and mind… that person’s spirit is not subject to the effect of gravity. This is a really thought provoking and powerful poem, my friend. Very well said.

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    1. Hasan Adan

      Thank you for your kind words Brandi. It’s just as you eloquently said the heart and soul of the person is invaluable and timeless and it is a beautiful thing to witness and experience.

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