A love for a Lifetime


Does love really last a lifetime

or rather for only a chapter in your life,

and we revisit on occasions when we reminisce on who we once were.

Is love a reflection of who we are at the moment

and that love can change at anytime?

Are we bound to always seek in others what we can search within ourselves?

Or is our past relationships merely sign posts to signal future partners

where we’ve been hurt or found joy.

9 thoughts on “A love for a Lifetime

  1. Impressive. So many ideas you bring up. I do think that love we seek out is rarely found in the first occurrence, or perhaps we’re not grown enough to give the love we wish to share with someone. Like anything, love takes time to perfect. But the romantic in me also believes that lifetime love is out there for everyone. The trouble is finding it. But often it finds us when you’re not even searching for it.

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    1. Hasan Adan

      Thank you Benjamin and you expressed exactly what I was feeling. I think life has a huge sense of humor and love will present itself when you least expect it and perhaps the only factor we truly control as individuals is ourselves and as cliche as it sounds be the best person that we can be.

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      1. Yeah. Agreed. Cliches are exactly that in part because they are true. You can go beyond them and break them down but they also are in us all. Sense of humor, yes, that describes how the universe works at at times. Things happen when they happen, for sure. You can’t really fight against the way of the world, just embrace it at times.

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  2. Yiena

    I see you brought something important to light 😭 I keep milling the same thoughts all the time, like how does love work? And with my lack of experience I don’t have a slight idea and that keeps bothering me lol 🤐 This was a great piece dear Hasan~ Have lovely week ahead~ 🥰💝

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    1. Hasan Adan

      Thank you so much Yiena and your right love is a funny thing especially when we see how it’s expressed around us. I realize the only thing we can control is the love we have for ourselves and how we feel and if we feel great about ourselves then that’s the benchmark and if not then it’s back to learning more about ourselves. Have an awesome week as well Yiena!

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  3. Brandi S.

    You bring up a lot of deep questions with this one, Hasan. I can’t honestly say much on romantic/true love, because I don’t believe I have ever truly felt it. There were times I thought “Hey this could be it” but I later learned that they were false alarms. More abusive in nature and left me with a sour taste of what love isn’t or shouldn’t be. Needless to say, it didn’t last “forever”. But, after those experiences I learned to look within and find love to show myself. If I could learn how to love myself, I could learn how I would like to be loved and that could help me know what kind of person I wanted in my life. I’m not sure if I’m making sense, but basically… self love became like my true love, which is a love that can last for a lifetime if we nurture it. Haven’t met “the one” yet, but I hold on to hope that he is out there. Even if I did, I know that my time with him on this earth would be limited, but I would embrace every moment we shared. Until then.. I work on loving myself. I really love this poem, Hasan! It brought out some really awesome thoughts in my mind.

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    1. Hasan Adan

      Thank you so much Brandi for your lovely comment and I share the same sentiment when it comes to love especially with true love beginning with yourself. Life can be fickle at times and as human beings we’re always changing but if we’re able to have a better picture and understanding of who we are then that can only help us and attract the right people into our lives. I haven’t found ”the one” yet either but I know when the time comes I’ll be ready to love her as a whole being.

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