Writers of yesteryear may frown at the writers of today

and the writers of today may disregard their predecessors.

However none of that really matters in the long run.

What stands out amongst writers is the honesty and integrity of their words

each word a reflection of themselves and an insight into their diverse and colorful mind.

Words are eternal and the way of expressing these words through different styles and formats

so full of life and ranging from joy and wonder to sorrow and agony and back to joy and wonder again.

These words outlive us and hold a life of their own.

8 thoughts on “Words

  1. Art truly is important. Some of the cultures throughout history we don’t even have their languages or know how to speak them but we still have there art. We can go back and see the cave painting, even. For what we know of Earth’s eternity words and art are everlasting relics. Really enjoyed reading this!

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    1. Hasan Adan

      Thank you Benjamin and your absolutely right. It seems art really is timeless and a cave painting or hieroglyphics from another age can still transcend and inspire those of us in the present and likewise the things we do today will echo on in the future.


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