Book of Life

A book is so much than just words and pages,

but an open invitation to unknown worlds

and traversing the deepest corners of our imagination.

Letters and notes I had written from years past

seem foreign and comical today,

but reading them I feel as though I’ve traveled back in time

and remember the concerns I once had which seemed big

but now I could hardly remember them.

Books are more than just pages, illustrations and covers,

but a snapshot of who we are at that moment,

and within that snapshot holds a world of our own

filled with our fears, love, joy and hope for the future.

May our book titled Life be filled with unbridled joy and appreciation.

The joy to fully experience and navigate through life,

and the appreciation that good times are followed by hard times,

but understanding that the hard times don’t last long either

and that at our core we are truly resilient.

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