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Some days and nights,

I sometimes feel

life takes the shape of a lion

furious and yet majestic

with a warning sign

Approach at your own risk’


Yet other times

life feels funny and harmless,

and you wonder to yourself

was it just my imagination?

I realize that now

whenever there’s an upswing in life,

there is going to a downswing

and I can’t change it,

however I can improve my thoughts

whenever there is a downswing,

and bring a lioness for the lion next time.


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Anytime we have a chance

It’s good to celebrate

and see faces we haven’t seen in awhile,

even though Uncle Ray always says

this time of the year is just pure commercialism

It’s still nice to just gather around

and be enveloped in warmth and love,

at the end there is always a prayer,

a sense of gratitude and hope

and  a wish for a better tomorrow for everyone.

****Happy Holidays****


Rudy Sings the Blues

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It was getting late,

and work was done for the day

 everybody was heading home,

but not Rudy.

Tonight was jazz night at the local club,

and a special guest was going to be attending.

See Rudy loved jazz,

and wanted to be a trumpet player,

and play alongside a band,

but raising a family and working full time

was difficult enough,

and that once sought-after dream

was looking like a fantasy.

though Rudy didn’t know it,

her night was going to change her life forever.

The musicians on display was incredible,

Act after act

until it was time for the special guest to come on stage,

and on appeared the great Miles Davis,

Rudy was blown away,

and then Miles steps up to the mike

‘Is there anybody who can play the trumpet?’

One of the guys had fallen ill earlier,

and the band was looking for a backup

Rudy’s heart was beating hard,

and she looked around,

and everybody was shaking their head

until one person had their  hand raised.

Rudy looked up

and found it was her hand

and she was standing up,

Miles looked at her and beckoned her towards the stage,

My God-

Rudy wondered,

Is this happening for real?

and the great Miles Davis as if reading her mind

said ‘It sure is’

Rudy’s dream became a reality.


The Sweet Science of Meditation


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Life before meditation

was chaos, noise and drama,

and this was everywhere I went

even in my own head.

Then one day a friend told me

about meditation and its benefits,

and I was doubtful at first

but at that point I was ready to try anything,

and at my first attempt

I did all the postures till my back ached,

but still no peace of mind

and then a voice came and said ‘Let go of everything’

eventually I relaxed and the tranquillity I felt

was like gazing at the pyramids,

with the stars decorating the night sky

Since that moment,

I have learned to heal

and be more genuine and transparent with myself

and for that I am truly grateful.




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Often in life,

we come across shadows of ourselves

in places, people and things,

some are reminders of who we are,

and others are what we aspire to be.

I have learned there is no shame

in walking your own path,

even if it is baby steps,

because normally it is difficult at first,

but my God

It is so worth it in the end,

since what matters is having faith in yourself

and to keep believing .


Mr Excitement



You know Jackie,

Even though I was born after you physically left this world

I just know from your aura,

that you were the ‘Man’

You oozed coolness in a era that personified ‘Cool’.

You lifted everybody Higher and Higher,

and even made lonely tears drop from people’s eyes.

Legend has it your concerts was pretty wild

earning the nickname ‘Mr Excitement’.

You dazzled, graced and stole

people’s hearts around the world,

I am so glad I came across your music,

My life became much more colourful, enriched and graceful

because of it.

You really were one amazing guy !



Jackie Wilson (09/06/1934-21/01/1984) Legendary singer-songwriter

Pictured above are: The legendary Sam Cooke, Laverne Baker and Jackie Wilson


Lost and Found

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Looking for love

in all the wrong places.

Searching for a peace of mind,

in a crowded place.

Priorities can be misconstrued and not understood,

but maybe in our honest approach to peace and love

we can both discover and gain,

what we most want in life.

Like a River


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Life mirrors a river

and like a river,

it takes shapes and courses

in direction that we either don’t control or are forced to make.

A force like no other

an experience that moulds minds,

and quenches a soul’s thirst.

The divinity of life

is mirrored by the river,

and like a river

it is always moving,

unless Mother Nature says otherwise.

Innocence of a Child


A child’s heart

is innocent and pure,

ignorant to the wicked ways of the world,

and honest enough to believe everything

he or she is told.

Time moves on,

and eventually the child grows

and some lose that ignorance and fall prey to the trappings of the world

while others grow older ,

and remember quite fondly those moments of childhood innocence,

and walk with a playfulness full of laughter and joy.